Let Kindness Permeate Your Life

“A timely act of kindness might make all the difference in the world”


When we have opportunities to praise others; do we take them?

— Or do we let the moment pass?

Do we reach out to those around us and let them know they aren’t alone; that we are thinking of them?

— Or do we disconnect

Do we encourage, support, or build up?

— Or do we turn a blind eye to anything beyond ourselves?


We don’t know what others are going through

We don’t know how a single kind word may lift a person up

— Maybe they’re having a bad day

— Perhaps they’ve never known consistent kindness

We don’t know their struggles, their doubts, or their fears


Positivity, support, and encouragement, in the right moment, can be life changing

— A timely act of kindness might make all the difference in the world

We have many opportunities every day to be a positive force in the lives of those we encounter


Take time to encourage where you can

— It doesn’t have to be much

Lift up those around you

— And encourage them to do the same

Allow kindness and positivity to permeate your life and extend to everyone you interact with

You never know how the smallest display of kindness or encouragement may change a person and become a lasting ripple of positivity in their life


. . .


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