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Awareness of “shame culture” in tech

I recently came across this tweet:

April Wensel on Twitter

People reach out via DM to @compassioncode with all kinds of coding questions because they can trust they won’t be mocked or shamed like they will in many other communities.

which then prompted the following response

Nate Ebel on Twitter

this mocking/shaming is so damaging… kills curiosity, creativity, engagement and ultimately happiness https://t.co/yByXijVzrS

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This is something I feel really strongly about.

Mocking/shaming is damaging to the the curiosity, creativity, engagement, and happiness of an individual Click To Tweet

This attitude/culture of making people feel bad for asking questions or not being in the know is pervasive throughout education and the workplace, and needs to be addressed and fixed.

Mocking/shaming is damaging to the the curiosity, creativity, engagement, growth and ultimately the happiness of an individual.

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I want to write about this more in the future, but in the meantime I created a response video:

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