i might need a bigger plate


Yesterday my number of upcoming speaking engagements went from 2 to 4

This morning I added 10 new events to Udacious Seattle and starting planning a big capstone event for our Google Udacity Scholar students

… and suddenly it seems like i might need a bigger plate

. . .

In addition to Droidcon Boston and ChicagoRoboto in the coming months, I’m now speaking at the Seattle Kotlin meetup next week and doing an AMA for Udacity alumni interested in Android development


I added a bunch of study events for Android students in Udacious Seattle, and I want to try and make as many of them as I can to help any students in need, but 1-2 events a week starts to become a big time commitment on top of everything else

Providing value to members of Udacious Seattle is a big priority to me; especially right now for the scholarship students because they have a real chance of getting a further scholarship if they do well.

I want continue building our community and connecting students with one another for continued in-person learning opportunities


I’m grateful and very excited for all of this, but it just got REAL

. . .

I want to give quality amounts of my time to all of these different projects AND still maintain work/life balance

So far this year, I’ve been very clear with myself: balance comes first.  I can’t perform well in any area of my life If I let myself burn out in one.

This mindset is sometimes difficult

Naturally, I want to give my 100% 110% of the time until I’m out of gas, but I’ve learned that’s not the formula for consistent long-term output.

...balance comes first. I can't perform well in any area of my life If I let myself burn out in one Click To Tweet

. . .

Instead, I’ve worked on being more comfortable in who I am, and better understanding why I am doing all of these things.

I used to feel I had to do these things to be considered “equal” among my peers, or to be seen as a “all star dev”.  This thinking would commonly guilt me into working too much and/or on things I wasn’t interested in.

. . .

Now, I really try to focus on only doing these things as the enhance my overall quality and satisfaction of career & life.  I am focused on learning, personal growth, and helping others; and because of that shift in mindset I don’t feel shame around taking a day off, or a week, or any length of time

So, when i start to feel a little overwhelmed, i remind myself that each and every thing i have scheduled right now is exciting and going to be a lot of fun.

That little reminder puts things back into perspective and i go back to feeling grateful.  If I need to take time off to recharge, I do it and enjoy every second of it guilt free


looking forward to new challenges


. . .

Thoughts or advice on maintaing work/life balance? Comment below or share on social media.  I’d love to continue the conversation.

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