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I had the great fortune of attending ChicagoRoboto this week.  I really had a terrific time learning, meeting new people, speaking, and playing with Legos 🙂.

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Let’s start off with some well deserved high praise

Jorge Coca 💙🦄 on Twitter

What I like about @chicagoroboto is that it gathers, under the same roof, all your favorite and known expert developers with the local Android Chicago community (and more). What an amazing two days we are going to have!

Sudhanshu Siddh 💙 on Twitter

My first #chicagoroboto. Amazing 1st day! Brilliant talks, so much knowledge! Incredible people sharing their experiences, on and off stage. For a newbie like me who is about to start their career, it feels like a Utopia of knowledge! @chicagoroboto @Android


A very sincere thank you to all the organizers, volunteers and sponsors!!

Nate Ebel on Twitter

Thanks @jwilker @rharter @jerrellmardis, all the sponsors and volunteers, for all the hard work making #ChicagoRoboto happen 😀


. . .


I really loved the way Yash Prabhu included some calls to action in her opening keynote:

  1. Learn 3 new things
  2. Make 3 new friends

It immediately gave the audience some common ground and provided an easy ice breaker for meeting new people.

Jibreel Powell on Twitter

Who wants to be one of my new #ChicagoRoboto friends?


I thought I’d use those takeaways to focus my notes/thoughts from the event


. . .


New Things


You Can’t Know Everything

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily “new”, but I think it’s worth reminding ourselves every once in a while.  In fact, this topic came up in at least 3 different talks.

It was great hearing this during the keynote because it helped keep things in perspective as the conference kicked off and we experienced an overflow of useful information.

Honestly, this whole talk was great!  You should definitely check it out.

Slides Here

Christina Lee on Twitter

@yashvprabhu is giving an excellent keynote right now at @chicagoroboto #SpeakerGoals



So much goodness coming in ConstraintLayout 2.0

I’ve been dabbling in ConstraintLayout for a while now and starting to play with some of the interesting features it provides.

After John Hoford and Nicolas Roard gave us a preview of some of the things coming in version 2.0, my list of reasons to explore ConstraintLayout got a whole lot bigger.  I particularly loved a couple of examples for making resizable layouts work great (such as on a Chromebook).

Slides Here

Nate Ebel on Twitter

constraintlayout 2.0 preview 😍 animations “We need new tools to meet app demands” new helpers 🙂 collections decorators virtual layouts 😀…I needed this 2 weeks ago 😅 layout states..easier constraint sets?? 🙂 resizing animations 🔥 fluent API 👍 #chicagoroboto


Espresso Testing with the Robot Pattern

The “Robot” testing pattern was an interesting thought I hadn’t considered before.  Big thanks to Adam McNeilly for sharing it with us.

It provides some very nice abstraction between test boilerplate and configuration making Espresso testing much more maintainable.

Also, big shout out on a very successful first Android conference talk 👍 👍

Slides Here

Chicago Roboto on Twitter

Espresso Patronum” Maybe one of the best names for a talk. #chicagoroboto


No More Tofu

(I love that title 🙂)

I had no idea that emojis were so complicated… but had a lot of fun learning about it from Miquel Beltran 😀

Sounds like EmojiCompat is definitely the way to go nowadays.

Slides Here

Nate Ebel on Twitter

No More Tofu: Mastering Emoji by @Miqubel 4000+ emojis rendered differently between manufacturer and OS (I miss sideways blobs 😢) differences in rendering can convey different emotions Is EmojiCompat the greatest thing ever? 🤔 😃 👏 – setReplaceAll() #ChicagoRoboto


The Future of the Community

Dan Kim gave a pretty amazing talk on the importance the Android developer community.

There was a big focus on 4 specific ways anyone can become involved in contributing and benefitting from the community.

Slides Here

Jibreel Powell on Twitter

@dankim on the future of our community. Spoiler: it’s *you* #ChicagoRoboto

Nate Ebel on Twitter

ChicagoRoboto @dankim Mentorship – very rewarding – 100% expertise not required 🙂 – advertise yourself – guidance > answers Open Source – can make huge impact 💥 – great way to learn – resume builder – every bit helps “Remember, everyone is incredibly nice” 👍👍


. . .


New Friends

Meeting new people is one of my favorite parts of attending a conference.

It builds connections

Those connections become part of your support system, they motivate and inspire you

It prompts interesting conversation, and can lead to exciting opportunities

(I started to list out people I had met this week, but the list quickly grew quite large… you’ll have to trust me when I saw it was more than 3 people 🙂)

. . .


Another Chance to Share

I was really excited to have the chance to speak on a topic I think is really important.

Tips From the Time Machine: Things I Wish I Would Have Known Starting a Career as an Android Dev

Starting a career into Android development (or anything really) is filled with challenges. If I could go back in time to give myself advice, I would encourage myself to: – have courage: ask questions, take risks – practice self compassion: remember that it’s okay to not know everything or do everything – connect with others: embrace connections with the community and build a support system Check out this tweet thread to see what others have shared regarding their challenges when starting out.



A big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts/struggles/challenges/advice as I was prepping my talk and to the other speakers who were also so wonderful and supportive.

Sudhanshu Siddh 💙 on Twitter

Thnx to all the speakers, the organizers & volunteers for such an amazing conference @chicagoroboto Gr8 feeling meeting everyone! Brilliant advices! Feeling a lot more confident and hopeful #ChicagoRoboto #NeverGiveUp #androidcommunity #android


. . .


Lots More to Love


Miguel Beltran on Twitter

Being More Than An Android Developer by @yashvprabhu opening keynote at #chicagoroboto!



Britt Barak 🇬🇧 🏡 ❤️ 🧘‍♀️ on Twitter

This is even better than I expected. @n8ebel gathered adviced from the #android community & shared them ever so openly & honestly in @chicagoroboto. My fav: “you’re not alone”, u have the #community.😍 Wonderful in so many levels. Thank u! 🙏 #chicagoroboto #androiddev


Jibreel Powell on Twitter

@MarkIAllison preforms magic and talks Android Vectors at #ChicagoRoboto


Had a really awesome time at the party.  Thanks to The Nerdery for hosting a great event.  I was particularly excited about the Legos 🙂

Kilic on Twitter

Thus is fun 🙂 Starwars-lego after party with @n8ebel @AdamMc331 @ @chicagoroboto


speaking of Legos…

Adam McNeilly on Twitter

@n8ebel won the Lego Star Wars giveaway. I can’t think of anyone more deserving. #ChicagoRoboto


Hope to see you next year for ChicagoRoboto 2019

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