What do Android devs wish they had known?

What do Android developers wish they would have known when starting out?

I have my own thoughts, but I was curious what others in the Android community had to say. So, I asked.

Nate Ebel on Twitter

preping my #chicagoroboto talk this weekend would love to include community examples of challenges or “things you wish you would have known” when starting with Android (learning Android itself, finding a job, growing in career, etc)…will shout out in slides 🙂 thoughts ??

The responses were illuminating, supportive and thought provoking. They came from developers of all experience levels, on a variety of topics.

Because the advice was so varied and relevant to developers of all skill levels, I thought It could be useful to consolidate it in a single place; making it easier to discover and share for those looking for tips, advice and validation.

So that’s what you’re reading now.

A community-sourced collection of useful tips, tools, and advice for Android developers.


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Learning Android: What do Android devs wish they had known?

The most popular theme was centered around the Android “community.” What’s the “community” you might ask? The Android community is You, it’s Me, its anyone and everyone building for, and contributing to, the Android platform.

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