Webinars for International Students

In the past two weeks, I’ve had the great fortune to participate in two different webinars for programming learners across the globe.

I love meeting students from different parts of the world, so I was very excited for these opportunities to share my experiences and hopefully impart some technical knowledge, lessons learned, and maybe even a little inspiration.

ALC 3.0 – Expert on Air Session

A Hangout on Air Session with Experts from Google, Udacity and Andela speaking with Scholars of the Google Africa Scholarship. Our experts will be: 

1. Nate Ebel(https://twitter.com/n8ebel) – Android Developer, Udacity
2. Rebecca Franks (https://twitter.com/riggaroo) – Google Developer Expert: Android
3. Celestine Omin (https://twitter.com/cyberomin) – Senior Consultant, Andela

The organizers and students associated with the Andela Learning Community are terrific. I felt honored to be sharing to these students and with the other presenters.  Rebecca and Celestine’s shared many insightful thoughts and experiences.

I shared about my path into programming, and tried to emphasize the importance of staying curious, treating yourself with self-compassion, accepting that you can’t learn everything, and how these tools can help stave off imposter syndrome.


Introduction to Kotlin | Technical Expert Webinar #1

Introduction to Kotlin | Technical Expert Webinar #1 by Google India Scholarships

I had the chance to develop my own “Intro to Kotlin” workshop and then present that to Google Udacity Scholar students in India. Teaching has been a long time interest of mine and I’ve been working on improving those skills this year.

I very much enjoyed sharing about where Kotlin came from, why it’s useful, and well as some basic language features and where/how to learn more.

I love to meet/talk/discuss and help where I can. If you want to chat or ask a question you can follow me on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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