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Starting with a maker it is a great way to get started with Android Things.

If you’re not very familiar with hardware this is especially useful because it removes any guess work or uncertainy around your hardware choices.

This is why I chose to use the Pico Pi IMX7 Startkit when I started exploring Android Things.


This post will focus on what comes in the Pico Pi IMX7 Startkit, and how to assemble the hardware.

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The Kit

The Pico Pi Startkit can be purchased here.

This kit is great because it includes everything you need to get started building for Android Things.


Small disclosure:  I wasn’t able to purchase the full kit because I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for backorder, so I purchased a kit w/out an included screen or camera and then purchased a compatible screen and camera separately.

So, the same components were present, they just might look slightly different than if they had been bundled together in a single kit.

What Comes In the Kit?

USB-C power cable

USB-C power cable


Wi-fi antenna

wifi antenna


Rainbow HAT




Camera peripheral


Peripheral screen w/ power cable

peripheral screen


Also came with a bonus sticker sheet 🙂

pimoroni stickers


Full Kit




. . .


Assembly Tools

To help with assembly I ordered 2 additional items

A cheap set of precision screwdrivers to install the standoffs required for the Rainbow HAT



And a set of standoffs & screws.  My kit didn’t come with any standoffs for the Rainbow HAT, so I had to order them separately.


. . .

Assembly Process

I largely followed the process detailed here.

  • Connect the wifi antenna
  • Connect the screen
  • Connect the camera
  • Install standoffs
  • Connect the Rainbow HAT
  • Connect the power cable


I created a video describing the assembly process


What Next?

Now that your hardware is ready, it’s time to install the OS.  Check out the post below

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Want More Android Things


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