Independent Conference Project

Conferences made easy What is this project all about? Building and releasing the artifacts you need to run your own independent conference. What does that include? This project will work towards providing everything needed to help organize and run an independent conference including: Timelines Charts Design templates Android & iOS apps Backend for agenda scheduling A CFP system Continue reading Independent Conference Project

You Don’t Have to Know It All

I’ve had a few thoughts running through my head lately around the “growth mindset” that I often see/experience as a developer. More specifically, I’m concerned that too many of us are experiencing more of a “growth pressure”; that the desire to learn and continually improve ourselves has morphed into an expectation or a mindset that Continue reading You Don’t Have to Know It All

Experiences of a first-time conference speaker

The notion of conference speaking both excites & scares me. I just gave my first 2 android conference talks When I finally worked up the courage to submit conference talk proposals, I did so with the intention of documenting the speaking process if I were selected. I hoped that by openly sharing my experiences that Continue reading Experiences of a first-time conference speaker