People and Technology

Posts that uncover and highlight the importance of people and technology working together. To truly maximize the positive impact of technology on our society, we need to recognize the importance of the people that plan, build, use, and are impacted by that technology.

As we build technology, we can do a better job of considering the impacts. This includes the impacts of using the technology, and of building it. Therefore, we need to look closely about how we work, in addition to what we build.

What can we do to prevent burnout? How can we encourage individuals of all backgrounds to feel welcome and wanted in the industry? How can we better solve the real problems facing our society today?

We need to bring together diverse groups of people. We must recognize the impacts of technology; value work life balance and redefine what it means to be a “success” in our modern tech industry.

If we can start to do these things, maybe we can truly start impacting everyone for the better.

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Remember the Journey

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