One Path to Tech?

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I really enjoy chatting with people starting a journey into tech; hearing about their challenges, successes, struggles, worries, etc.

It really illustrates the barriers present when starting a career.

Some of these are inherent and part of the nature of learning anything new.  Learning is a challenge.  Developing a new skill set is not easy, and learning to apply it in the real world even less so.

However, there are some barriers which, I believe, are largely due to a flawed system, and I think are easy to lose sight of once you’re past them (or never encountered at all)

Let Kindness Permeate Your Life

“A timely act of kindness might make all the difference in the world”     When we have opportunities to praise others; do we take them? — Or do we let the moment pass? Do we reach out to those around us and let them know they aren’t alone; that we are thinking of them? —…

Growth in the New Year

Another year, another avalanche of collective new year resolutions.  January 1st is always a popular time for self reflection and to reevaluate and set goals for the upcoming year.  Many people, myself included, start the year with lofty ambitions and an idealized view of what the next 12 months will look like, but how do we…

Remember the Journey

“Finally I remembered what I had found in ultrarunning.  I remembered what I had lost.” As I was reading last Monday morning, I came across this line from ultramarathoner Scott Jurek’s book Eat & Run. Throughout the week I reflected on this and on my own experiences training for my first marathon.  I thought of…

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