Convert PNG to WebP in Android Studio for Smaller APKs

In this video, we learn to convert PNG to WebP in Android Studio for smaller apks. WebP images tend to be smaller than their PNG counterparts, so by converting our PNG images to WebP we can reduce the overall size of our apks.

Simplifying UI States with Kotlin Sealed Classes and Data Binding

Introduction “Sealed classes are used for representing restricted class hierarchies…” As such, Sealed Classes are useful when modeling states within various app workflows. These could represent network operations, available features, UI representations, etc. We’ve leveraged this to simplify a few different use cases in our app. We’ve shared one such usage already, and want to share another. Our Pain Point…

Android Studio Shortcuts for Tool Windows

Read Time: < 1 min

Android Studio shortcuts for tool windows save you time and make you a more efficient Android developer.

In this video, you’ll get a look at where to find tool windows, how to customize their position, size, and behavior, see how to customize the shortcuts for these tools, and finally see some ways in which you can quickly reconfigure the windows inside of Android Studio.

A React Native Retrospective

Read Time: 13 mins

I recently tweeted about us removing the final React Native code from our codebase at Udacity.

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removed React Native from our codebase… – decreased apk size 35% 👍- decreased build time ~20% 👍- decreased number of languages required to fully understand/work on the project 👍probably my favorite PR merge in a while 😃

As a result of the responses to that tweet, I decided to write a retrospective on our usage of React Native on the mobile-engineering team at Udacity.

Whether React Native is right for your team/project is up to you Click To Tweet

What do Android devs wish they had known?

What do Android developers wish they would have known when starting out? I have my own thoughts, but I was curious what others in the Android community had to say. So, I asked. preping my #chicagoroboto talk this weekend would love to include community examples of challenges or "things you wish you would have known"…

Android Studio Navigation Shortcuts

In this post, you’ll learn about several Android Studio navigation shortcuts that can help make you more productive when developing Android apps.   Keyboard shortcuts can have a huge impact on developer efficiency and productivity. Moving from command to command without taking your hands off the keyboard speeds up your development cycle and helps you…

Stay Up to Date as an Android Developer

As an Android developer, it’s useful to know about the latest tools, tips, and trends. Here are a number of my favorites ways of staying up to date in the world of androiddev.     Weekly Newsletter   Android Weekly Newsletter This is probably my single favorite way to stay up to date because it…

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