Android Dev Summit 2019

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Android Dev Summit 2019 just wrapped up, and I have to say I had a really great time. I love the 100% Android focus, and I appreciate the direct access to Googlers, devices, tools, and announcements.

Unlike Google I/O, Android Dev Summit is not an overwhelmingly large affair. It’s big enough to provide loads of valuable content and amazing developers, but small enough that you can actually take it all in.

Google I/O 2018 Recap

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This was my first Google I/O, and I must say, it was quite an experience.

I went in to the week excited for new announcements and to maybe get my hands dirty with new tools/features.

That all happened, but a week removed from the event itā€™s not the big announcements that have stuck with me (though I do have my eye on Android Studio running on a Pixelbook šŸ˜‰)

No, a week later I keep coming back to these 2 phrases:

ā€œmake good things togetherā€

ā€œbuild things thatĀ matterā€


ChicagoRoboto 2018

I had the great fortune of attendingĀ ChicagoRobotoĀ this week.Ā  I really had a terrific time learning, meeting new people, speaking, and playing with Legos šŸ™‚. Check out my ChicagoRoboto 18 Twitter Moment Ā  Let’s start off with some well deserved high praise No Title What I like about @chicagoroboto is that it gathers, under the same…

Droidcon Boston 2018

    I recently attended (and spoke at) Droidcon Boston 2018.Ā  I had a terrific time, and thought it was a wonderful event.Ā  Here are a few of my favorite parts. Droidcon Boston Conference Agenda Droidcon Boston Twitter Organizers Friendly Helpful Passionate The entire team of organizers, volunteers and sponsors were so awesome!Ā  Their passion…

DroidconNYC ’17 Wrap Up

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DroidconNYC '17 welcome session

DroidconNYC ’17 was my first time attending any Droidcon event.  Between the speakers list, the city, and then the released schedule, I had high hopes going into the event.

I’m very happy to say it did not disappoint.

Below are some of my favorite highlights and takeaways from the event.

360AnDev Recap

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360AnDev '16 badge and swag

Heading to the Mile-High City

I love going to conferences. I think they are a great way to get out of the office, to stay current on trends in related fields, and to meet/interact with peers. Because of these beliefs, I like to attend at least one conference in every year. After attending AnDevCon Boston last year, I had been targeting DroidCon New York as my conference of choice for 2016.

This past spring, however, I came across a new conference (360AnDev) being held this year in Denver. Initially, it caught my eye because Colorado seemed a bit more accessible to me coming from the west coast. After following the conference website and twitter for a while, I was sold on the potential of 360AnDev to be a terrific event.

No Title

Speaker lineup for @360andev is looking good!

No Title

Bought my ticket to @360andev Looks like I'm officially going to be in Denver next month! Can't wait!! #androiddev

“The combination of talented/high-profile speakers, and a schedule packed with interesting talks really sold the event for me”

The combination of talented/high-profile speakers, and a schedule packed with interesting talks really sold the event for me, and I started making my plans to attend. I even convinced some co-workers that this should be the go-to event for the year.

Google IO 2016 Highlights

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Google IO '16 logo

With the excitement of Google IO ’16 behind us, I wanted to do a quick summary of the stuff I found most interesting.

This year that list includes the following:

  • Firebase
  • Instant Apps
  • Android Studio
  • Android Developer Certification
  • and more…
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