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Have you seen increased app review times when submitting apps via the Google Play Console?

There have been several posts from Google over the past few months indicating that more time will be spent ensuring the quality of apps before they are released.

Android development teams have long enjoyed almost non-existent delays when releasing apps to users, so an increase in this time comes as a bit of shock to the release process.

There are multiple reasons for the increase in review time:

  • verifying that apps targeting children comply with all policies
  • more deeply evaluating developer accounts
  • more human-driven review and analysis

While increased review times may be an annoyance to development teams, and something to plan for more judiciously going forward, I think this is a positive change for the platform.

More hands-on review and feedback from humans is something developers have been asking for for quite a while, and ensuring protections for children is of the utmost importance for Android as a platform. For parents, families, and educators to trust Android for their children, it’s important to reduce the bad actors in the ecosystem.

Hopefully, the increased review times will lead to better relationships between Google Play and developers, and give those developers more effective avenues to get app feedback and to appeal decisions. Developers that rely on Google Play for their livelihood would likely appreciate improved transparency from the app review process.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen a change in review times?

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