360AnDev Recap

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360AnDev '16 badge and swag

Heading to the Mile-High City

I love going to conferences. I think they are a great way to get out of the office, to stay current on trends in related fields, and to meet/interact with peers. Because of these beliefs, I like to attend at least one conference in every year. After attending AnDevCon Boston last year, I had been targeting DroidCon New York as my conference of choice for 2016.

This past spring, however, I came across a new conference (360AnDev) being held this year in Denver. Initially, it caught my eye because Colorado seemed a bit more accessible to me coming from the west coast. After following the conference website and twitter for a while, I was sold on the potential of 360AnDev to be a terrific event.

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Speaker lineup for @360andev is looking good!

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Bought my ticket to @360andev Looks like I'm officially going to be in Denver next month! Can't wait!! #androiddev

“The combination of talented/high-profile speakers, and a schedule packed with interesting talks really sold the event for me”

The combination of talented/high-profile speakers, and a schedule packed with interesting talks really sold the event for me, and I started making my plans to attend. I even convinced some co-workers that this should be the go-to event for the year.

My year with Udacity’s Android Nanodegree

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Motivations and Starting Out

A little over a year ago, I had never heard of Udacity and had zero experience with MOOCs. I was a relatively new developer, having only completed my graduate work a year prior. I was eager to improve my skills both with the Android platform and as a software engineer in general.

Then, while live-streaming the Google I/O 2015 keynote I saw an announcement about this thing called a Nanodegree program as a means of learning about Android development using a curriculum and courses developed in conjunction with Google. I was immediately intrigued. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to level-up my skill-set, and I registered for a free trial that same week.

Remember the Journey

“Finally I remembered what I had found in ultrarunning.  I remembered what I had lost.” As I was reading last Monday morning, I came across this line from ultramarathoner Scott Jurek’s book Eat & Run. Throughout the week I reflected on this and on my own experiences training for my first marathon.  I thought of…

Google IO 2016 Highlights

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Google IO '16 logo

With the excitement of Google IO ’16 behind us, I wanted to do a quick summary of the stuff I found most interesting.

This year that list includes the following:

  • Firebase
  • Instant Apps
  • Android Studio
  • Android Developer Certification
  • and more…


I’m happy to say that Beta 1 of MarvelAndroid is available! What is it for? This library is aimed at making it easier for developers to make awesome comic book apps with the Marvel Comics Api. There is a wealth of awesome Marvel content available through the api, and with MarvelAndroid quickly accessing that content…

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