Quickly Edit Color Resources In Android Studio

Read Time: 2 mins

This week’s tools & tips video is another Android Studio tools tutorial demonstrating how you can quickly edit color resources using Android Studio.

We can use this tool for several useful things

  • quick choose new colors with a color picker
  • update color alpha values using a 0-100% input field
  • pick for default sets of Material Design color palettes

How To Get The Most Out Of Attending A Tech Conference

Read Time: 11 mins

1️⃣ Above All Else

If you take nothing else away from this post, I hope you may at least consider the following as a framework for how to approach a conference, a meetup, or any other gathering of peers where you plan to learn something.

Learn 3 New Things, and Meet 3 New People

That’s it.

Convert PNG to WebP in Android Studio for Smaller APKs

In this video, we learn to convert PNG to WebP in Android Studio for smaller apks. WebP images tend to be smaller than their PNG counterparts, so by converting our PNG images to WebP we can reduce the overall size of our apks.

Don’t Compromise the Things That Matter Most

Compromise is important. To build anything successful will require compromise. What’s more, compromise can be a strong forcing function in the overall success of a project. But compromise can be taken too far. What happens when you compromise too much? What happens if you start compromising for the wrong reasons? What if you compromise so…

What Are Static Analysis Tools?

Static analysis tools refer to a wide array of tools that examine source code, executables, or even documentation, to find problems before they happen; without actually running the code. These tools vary greatly in scope and purpose, ranging from compiler-level checks for logical errors, to code styling enforcement, to cloud-based suites of tools that cover…

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Read Time: 3 mins

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What keeps you up at night?

We all have something unique, beautiful, and truly special we can share with the world Click To Tweet


Perhaps that question is a little too vague. Let’s be more specific.

What excites you? What passions does your mind drift to while you lie awake at night; or while you commute; or sit in class?

What are you building? Creating? Giving back?

If you knew you wouldn’t fail, where would you invest your time & your energy?


A React Native Retrospective

Read Time: 13 mins

I recently tweeted about us removing the final React Native code from our codebase at Udacity.

No Title

removed React Native from our codebase… – decreased apk size 35% 👍- decreased build time ~20% 👍- decreased number of languages required to fully understand/work on the project 👍probably my favorite PR merge in a while 😃

As a result of the responses to that tweet, I decided to write a retrospective on our usage of React Native on the mobile-engineering team at Udacity.

Whether React Native is right for your team/project is up to you Click To Tweet

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