What do Android devs wish they had known?

What do Android developers wish they would have known when starting out? I have my own thoughts, but I was curious what others in the Android community had to say. So, I asked. preping my #chicagoroboto talk this weekend would love to include community examples of challenges or "things you wish you would have known"…

Google I/O 2018 Recap

Read Time: 3 mins

This was my first Google I/O, and I must say, it was quite an experience.

I went in to the week excited for new announcements and to maybe get my hands dirty with new tools/features.

That all happened, but a week removed from the event itā€™s not the big announcements that have stuck with me (though I do have my eye on Android Studio running on a Pixelbook šŸ˜‰)

No, a week later I keep coming back to these 2 phrases:

ā€œmake good things togetherā€

ā€œbuild things thatĀ matterā€


Experiences of a first-time conference speaker

Read Time: 7 mins

The notion of conference speaking both excites & scares me.

I just gave my first 2 android conference talks

When I finally worked up the courage to submit conference talk proposals, I did so with the intention of documenting the speaking process if I were selected.

I hoped that by openly sharing my experiences that I could perhaps connect with others that are considering taking the same leap. And that, by seeing my excitement/fears/anxiety/joy, they may recognize that there is nothing special required to add your voice to the public forum.

ChicagoRoboto 2018

I had the great fortune of attendingĀ ChicagoRobotoĀ this week.Ā  I really had a terrific time learning, meeting new people, speaking, and playing with Legos šŸ™‚. Check out my ChicagoRoboto 18 Twitter Moment Ā  Let’s start off with some well deserved high praise No Title What I like about @chicagoroboto is that it gathers, under the same…

Droidcon Boston 2018

    I recently attended (and spoke at) Droidcon Boston 2018.Ā  I had a terrific time, and thought it was a wonderful event.Ā  Here are a few of my favorite parts. Droidcon Boston Conference Agenda Droidcon Boston Twitter Organizers Friendly Helpful Passionate The entire team of organizers, volunteers and sponsors were so awesome!Ā  Their passion…

One Path to Tech?

Read Time: 3 mins

I really enjoy chatting with people starting a journey into tech; hearing about their challenges, successes, struggles, worries, etc.

It really illustrates the barriers present when starting a career.

Some of these are inherent and part of the nature of learning anything new.Ā  Learning is a challenge.Ā  Developing a new skill set is not easy, and learning to apply it in the real world even less so.

However, there are some barriers which, I believe, are largely due to a flawed system, and I think are easy to lose sight of once you’re past them (or never encountered at all)

Installing Android Things

Read Time: 2 mins

Once you have your hardware assembled, the next step towards building an Android Things application is to install the Android Things OS to your development board.

This post will focus on that process

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