Android Things: Assembling Your Maker Kit

Read Time: 3 mins

Starting with a maker it is a great way to get started with Android Things.

If you’re not very familiar with hardware this is especially useful because it removes any guess work or uncertainy around your hardware choices.

This is why I chose to use the Pico Pi IMX7 Startkit when I started exploring Android Things.


This post will focus on what comes in the Pico Pi IMX7 Startkit, and how to assemble the hardware.

Android Things: Hello Rainbow HAT

Read Time: 3 mins

Blinking an LED using the Rainbow HAT with Android Things.

Setting out to build IoT devices is exciting, but If you’re like me and haven’t worked much with hardware, electronics or peripheral I/O, then it can seem a little intimidating.

If that sounds like you, then it might be time to say “Hello Rainbow HAT”

Exploring Android Things

Read Time: < 1 min

Want to get started with Android Things?

Not sure where to start?… Or maybe you’re intimidated by hardware?

You’re not alone. That’s the same position I was in when I picked up an Android Things maker kit and started exploring the Android Things platform.

I’ve created a series of articles & videos sharing what I’ve learned as I have explored how to start building with Android Things

Let Kindness Permeate Your Life

“A timely act of kindness might make all the difference in the world”     When we have opportunities to praise others; do we take them? — Or do we let the moment pass? Do we reach out to those around us and let them know they aren’t alone; that we are thinking of them? —…

Android Things: From 0 to Hello World

How I went from research, purchasing, construction and deployment of my first Hello World app on an Android Things powered device.

Growth in the New Year

Another year, another avalanche of collective new year resolutions.  January 1st is always a popular time for self reflection and to reevaluate and set goals for the upcoming year.  Many people, myself included, start the year with lofty ambitions and an idealized view of what the next 12 months will look like, but how do we…

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