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This week’s tools & tips video is another Android Studio tools tutorial demonstrating how you can quickly edit color resources using Android Studio.

We can use this tool for several useful things

  • quick choose new colors with a color picker
  • update color alpha values using a 0-100% input field
  • pick for default sets of Material Design color palettes

To open the color picker tool, right click on the color preview next to your color resource

Once clicked, it will open the following tool window

You can use the sliders at the top to update the color resource value in realtime

You can edit the Alpha, R, G, and B values directly or the entire hex value as well. This is particularly convienient when trying to update alpha values which are often expressed from designers as values from 0-100% but must be translated into a hex value for our color resources.

We can use the dropdown towards the bottom to preview different default Material Design color palettes. We can then use those palettes to quickly build themes from standard Material Design color values.

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