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I had a great time speaking at #AndroidSummit today.

Here are the slides from my talk “Focus on What Matters by Automating the Small things”

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Focus On What Matters By Automating The Small Things

How can your CI pipeline enable you to build more quickly and efficiently? In this talk, you’ll learn what tools are available at every step of the development process; allowing you to automate the small things, and dedicate your time to what matters most. Can you enforce coding format & style conventions?

🖥 In this talk, we cover topics like:

  • – formatting code with ktlint
  • – enforcing code quality with git-hooks
  • – leveraging Pull Request and Issue templates
  • – supercharging your pull requests with Danger
  • – automating internal release notes for test build distribution

Sample repo containing many of the examples and scripts from the talk:

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