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I had a great time speaking at Øredev Developer Conference today in Malmö, Sweden. Øredev is quite a bit larger than the typical conference I’m used to speaking at, so it’s been a fun “out of my comfort zone” experience. Øredev treats their speakers very well, and we’ve had a great time so far.

Here are the slides from my talk “Automate All The Things”

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Automate All The Things – Øredev 2019

Key takeaways: – You will learn how to develop a more efficient and enjoyable development pipeline for your team – You will understand how you can enforce code formatting, styling conventions, and best practices for your team – You will see how automation can improve the code review process and overall code quality – You will discover how to improve product quality through automated testing, releases, and issue tracking Mobile moves fast, and so do you.

🖥 In this talk, we cover topics like:

  • automating your build with GitHub Actions
  • formatting code with ktlint
  • enforcing code quality with git-hooks
  • leveraging GitHub Pull Request and Issue templates
  • supercharging your pull requests with Danger
  • automating internal release notes for test build distribution
  • customizing app distribution based on branch

Sample repo containing many of the examples and scripts from the talk:

📺 Watch the recording of my talk

Check out Øredev

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