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Learn to start taking more full advantage of Kotlin for Android development.

This talk was given virtually for the 360AnDev conference in July 2020.

Kotlin First – Taking Advantage of Kotlin for Android Development // 360AnDev 2020

What does it mean to be “Kotlin First”? How can you start taking full advantage of Kotlin for Android development?

What’s covered in this talk?

Getting Started With Kotlin

  • How to create a new Kotlin project?
  • How to convert Java to Kotlin?
  • How to experiment with Kotlin using REPL, Koans, and Scratch Files

Idiomatic Kotlin

  • Syntax basics and common idioms
  • Explore the Kotlin Standard Library
  • Special language features including data classes, sealed classes, and extension functions
  • Decompiling Kotlin

Going Full Kotlin

  • KTX & Android Jetpack
  • Asynchronous programming with coroutines
  • Flow, StateFlow
  • Kotlin build scripts
  • Jetpack Compose

Kotlin Beyond Android

  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Server-side Kotlin
  • Kotlin for Javascript
  • Kotlin scripting

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Start learning the Kotlin programming language

Learn to start building Android applications using Kotlin and Android Jetpack

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