Droidcon Boston 2018



I recently attended (and spoke at) Droidcon Boston 2018.  I had a terrific time, and thought it was a wonderful event.  Here are a few of my favorite parts.

Droidcon Boston

Conference Agenda

Droidcon Boston Twitter


  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Passionate

The entire team of organizers, volunteers and sponsors were so awesome!  Their passion permeated the event and set the tone for a very community-focused conference.

The “EGG” team 😀

Eliza Camber

Garima Jain

Giorgio Natili

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Divya Jain on Twitter

Big big shout out to @giorgionatili and the other two organizers, our great MCs @marcyregalado , staff and volunteers at @droidconbos . It was my first android conference and definitely an amazing experience. See u next year! 😀


  • There were so many great talks!
  • Kotlin was there in a big way
  • A number on interesting talks on architectures… MVI in particular


I really enjoyed the keynotes.  The brought unique, engaging, and relevant perspectives and ways I hadn’t seen before.

Nate Ebel on Twitter

The much anticipated handstand from @HandstandSam 👍👍 https://t.co/Va1noZYysb

Side Note: Kotlin was everywhere.  So many slides done entirely in Kotlin

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Also Side Note: My First Talk… Yay!

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Links to Slides

Lisa Wray’s Keynote

My Kotlin Talk

Flux for Android by Shohei Kawano

Reactive Architecture by HIFILEO

Why MVI? Model View Intent — The curious case of yet another pattern by Garima Jain

Data Binding Workshop by Eric Maxwell
Creating Awesome Animations With ConstraintLayout and ConstraintSet by Hari Vignesh J

Protecting Your Source: Using Code Review To Improve Your Application Quality by Jonathan Maltz

Multimodule Gradle by Clive Lee

Ana Baotić on Twitter

@loraj_k on padding ” You don’t want it touching edges, we’re not barbarians” 😂😂 #DroidconBos

MoniGarr on Twitter

DroidconBos thanks for the Android learning adventure

Dhara Bhavsar on Twitter

More bout Flux and Flux vs Redux #DroidconBos

Hari Vignesh J on Twitter

AR core with Kunal and a star trooper ? 😉 #DroidConBos


  • The community aspect of this event was huge for me
  • I met people from all over the world
  • I engaged with so many people between sessions and at the various parties

The great community of friendly & helpful developers is a huge part of why I love being an Android developer and why I enjoy going to conferences.

Garima Jain on Twitter

DroidconBos was so much fun. Ending the conference with the selfie with co-organizer @ElizaCamber Lots of nice memories and new friends. Yaay!

Droidcon Boston on Twitter

Last talk massive selfie at #droidconbos 🎉🎊

Ana Baotić on Twitter

Speaker mingling @droidconbos 🎉#DroidconBos #AndroidDev 🎬30


Nate Ebel on Twitter

had an amazing time at #droidconbos !!thank you so much to everyone involved was wonderful to meet so many new people and to finally put a real life face to many others 😀


Check out my recap video on YouTube for even more from the conference

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Android Weekly Newsletter

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Fragmented Podcast

Android Developers Backstage Podcast

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Android Dialogs YouTube Channel

Google’s Android Developers YouTube Channel

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Android Developers Blog
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ProAndroidDev Medium Publication
AndroidPub Medium Publication

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Twitter GDE & Dev Advocate lists

Android GDE Twitter List
Android Developer Advocates Twitter List
Kotlin GDE Twitter List

The androiddev community is quite active on Twitter.  These 3 lists include Google Developer Experts and Google Android Developer Advocates that are on Twitter and regularly share useful info.


Conference Videos


DroidconNYC ’17 Videos
Google I/O ’17 Videos

Many conferences share their recorded videos online to be watched later.  If you can’t attend in person, or even if you do and want to watch again, these types of channels are really useful.

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