Speaking Virtually at Chicago Roboto 2020 – Building an Android CI Pipeline with GitHub Actions

Learn to build a multi-functional continuous integration pipeline for Android using GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions Workflows for Android on GitHub What’s covered in this talk? How to get started with GitHub Actions How to build a basic Pull Request build workflow Adding Gradle caching to your workflow Store build artifacts for your workflow Send Slack…

Speaking at Øredev 2019 – Automate All The Things

Read Time: < 1 min

I had a great time speaking at Øredev Developer Conference today in Malmö, Sweden. Øredev is quite a bit larger than the typical conference I’m used to speaking at, so it’s been a fun “out of my comfort zone” experience. Øredev treats their speakers very well, and we’ve had a great time so far.

Here are the slides from my talk “Automate All The Things”

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