Speaking at Øredev 2019 – Automate All The Things

I had a great time speaking at Øredev Developer Conference today in Malmö, Sweden. Øredev is quite a bit larger than the typical conference I’m used to speaking at, so it’s been a fun “out of my comfort zone” experience. Øredev treats their speakers very well, and we’ve had a great time so far. Here […]

Improved Pull Requests With GitHub Pull Request Templates

Learn how to improve your pull requests by leveraging pull request templates to reduce the effort required to create descriptive, useful pull requests. Pull requests with adequate descriptions, and context make code easier to review, test, and discuss. Pull Request Templates:

2-Minute Tools & Tips Tuesday: Quickly Share Code Via GitHub

Learn how to quickly share code from Android Studio to GitHub in this weeks Tools & Tips video. Android Studio & IntelliJ allow you to easily open highlighted blocks of code in GitHub, which allows you to easily share the GitHub link with others to help illustrate exactly what code your looking at or discussing. […]