A Thankful 2019

With Thanksgiving coming up this week here in the US, I’ve been trying to spend some time thinking about all the things I’m grateful for. I was reminded recently (by my very smart wife ­čśÇ) that through gratitude, an taking stock of all the great things in our life, we can improve our mood, motivation, […]

Speaking at ├średev 2019 – Automate All The Things

I had a great time speaking at ├średev Developer Conference today in Malm├Â, Sweden. ├średev is quite a bit larger than the typical conference I’m used to speaking at, so it’s been a fun “out of my comfort zone” experience. ├średev treats their speakers very well, and we’ve had a great time so far. Here […]

Android Dev Summit 2019

Android Dev Summit 2019 just wrapped up, and I have to say I had a really great time. I love the 100% Android focus, and I appreciate the direct access to Googlers, devices, tools, and announcements. Unlike Google I/O, Android Dev Summit is not an overwhelmingly large affair. It’s big enough to provide loads of […]

I Wrote A Book!

I wrote a book! ­čôÖ Very excited to share that the book I’ve been working on all year is finally finished and available!

Increased Google Play Review Times?

Have you seen increased app review times when submitting apps via the Google Play Console? There have been several posts from Google over the past few months indicating that more time will be spent ensuring the quality of apps before they are released.