Free Up System Resources For Faster Gradle Builds

Slow Gradle builds? Your system may not have the available resources needed to build as efficiently as possible. Learn of a few easy things you can do to help ensure faster gradle builds on your development machine.

We Have To Be Better

Read Time: 3 mins

This Monday, instead of checking in on what you all are working on, I’d like to encourage some of us to take more specific action.

To all the privileged white guys like me, to those in positions of leadership, authority, and influence; let’s take a week off from arguing over dependency injection or Javascript frameworks and spend some time honestly examining how we are actively working against racism and other discrimination in our teams, orgs, communities, and personal lives.

I don’t know what that looks like for you, and I have so much of my own work to do in this area.  However, I can share some things that have helped me start doing this work.

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